Acequia Benàger and Faitanar

francisco almenar cubells D. Francisco Almenar Cubells

Syndic of the Acequia Benàger and Faitanar.

The ditch Faitanar part of the hydraulic system Benacher - Quart Faitanar , which would be one of its three arms , but administratively part of the community of irrigators Benàcher - Faitanar . Its layout is very long and has two quite distinct parts. Its first section is very peculiar in Vega de Valencia. Over many centuries your water supply was diverted up to the old town of Manises , making it fall into the ditch Mislata and three miles below , at the height of Moli Cabot , through language, its flow was restored and a ditch - Faitanar mother , on the west of the town of Xirivella , watered from the municipality to Massanassa began. Benàger - Faitanar

A mid-nineteenth century this route was changed when the irrigation community financed the construction of a new machine between Manises and roll a few hundred meters before the Moli Cabot , where was connecting with the old layout . The second part of the route of the canal , from the boundary between the municipalities of Valencia Xirivella and simply is an irrigation ditch that runs on the starters leaving arms perpendicular to the ditch - mother without having to perform partitions with languages.


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